Old Masters



Old Masters is a beautiful website showcasing robust features such as: advanced product organization, a document management mini-site for PDFs, and map with geo-location search. Developed by Covenant Web Design https://www.covenantdesign.com/

Case description

Old Masters design team conceived this design and needed our Drupal expertise to showcase their products in an effective and intuitive way. From the onset, the initial design concepts for the website were incredibly beautiful. Keeping the design needs forefront in mind, we nurtured the theme work to grow in tandem with the technical development. We met both the technical requirements of the project and design needs by bringing the Old Masters vision to life without subtracting compromise.

Case goals and results

Our main goal with Old Masters was to produce a simple and intuitive way to access a great deal of product data, without sacrificing design aesthetics. We analyzed project needs, outlined the core requirements and kept those as the foremost priorities. By keeping the core requirements, we were able to deliver an effective and beautiful website.


One technical issue, was to solve the problem of being able to reference a huge library of PDFs that needed to be continually updated without having any broken URLs. We solved this by creating a mini-site to manage documents to keep URLs constant but still allow replacement files over time.

We used a robust product organizational content types to group products by type into families of related products. Then further grouped by taxonomy, this is the foundation for sorting and searching through wood product types, colors, finish uses, and accessing Safety Data sheets. The logical hierarchy of how to organize and group products in an intuitive and functional way was a real challenge to overcome.

Community contributions

This project has the potential to provide a Drupal 8 geo-location search solution which is lacking in contributed modules at this time.

Why should this case win the splash awards?

Old Masters is the clear winner in the Splash Awards because it is the best example of how technical expertise and aesthetics in design can be woven together to create a highly effective incredibly beautiful website. Form and function do not conflict and neither are diminished with the Old Masters Project.