Venture Website Update

Design / UX


A new Drupal 8 website, with fresh look & feel, was linked to 3rd party providers, allowing users easy registration & intuitive navigation to the desired content.

Case description

For the 2019 website redesign and Drupal 7 upgrade, our game plan was to provide the client with a marketing site that linked to various 3rd party platforms to deliver the best experience for the user. With this approach, the 3rd party platforms could focus on what they do best for the competition and allowed for less complexity on the main >>venture>> website, which had been focused as a marketing website.

Case goals and results

The major goal set for the project was to allow users easy navigation and to maximise the number of entries and participants to the competition in a seamless way.
The second goal was to create a marketing site in Drupal 8 that achieved this.
This approach allowed for a very successful 2019 competition which had their most entrants to date.



Community contributions

Not applicable as this was Design/UX focused project.

Why should this case win the splash awards?

It has a unique design and user flow to maximise the engagement and information that visitors to the site will experience.