Visionnaire Home Philosophy

Design / UX


After 10 yrs of collaboration, we realised the new website of Visionnaire, the Italian luxury interior design leader, with a totally renewed e-commerce section.

Case description

In April 2019 Sixeleven released the new corporate website for Visionnaire, interior design and luxury living leader.
The new website has been completely rebuilt on Drupal 8, after the successful edition released 5 years before on Drupal 7.
The new website showcases a minimalistic design which highlights the products with smooth transitions and engaging pictures and videos.
The website includes the e-boutique, a complete e-commerce section integrated with the company ERP for price lists and orders.

Case goals and results

The main goal was to renew the visual digital identity of the brand through a complete restyle (and revamp) of the website.
The choice to migrate the platform to Drupal 8 helped in millions way, most of all mobile first approach, editorial experience and better performances.
The new website traffic increased by 30% in the first few months after the go live and the e-commerce sales are increasing.


The e-commerce section is based on Drupal Commerce and it has been integrated with the proprietary client’s ERP on AS400, an historical software not so flexible. Products and orders are automatically synced through XML exchanges.

Community contributions

A sandbox has been released for the Icon Selector module that offer a new friendly widget for the website editor to select an svg icon from a list of available icons in the codebase or externally hosted.

Why should this case win the splash awards?

We chose to give a big touch of airiness to the design of Visionnaire new website, balancing the great attention to the images with the aesthetic worth of the white space around the elements. The minimalistic design is functional to the kind of informations shown on the website, because it highlights the harmonious shapes of the brand products. The clearness of the graphics' choices allows the user to be guided through an elegant and comfortable visual path.

Case video